Announcing cgid v0.1.0

From: fREW Schmidt <>
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 22:43:36 -0800

A week or two ago I emailed this list asking about httpds that
support CGI and run under UCSPI. Sadly everything that I found or was
recommended either missed critical features or was defunct. So like
any good programmer I made a new thing!

Announcing cgid: I have just released the first version (v0.1.0) of
cgid, which supports a very basic but sufficient amount of CGI. I am
already using it myself. To read the docs check out,
where you can see examples of how to run under `nosh` or `s6`.

There are a number of bugs and limitations, also listed on that page.

fREW Schmidt
Received on Mon Feb 08 2016 - 06:43:36 UTC

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