Things related to a lecture on s6/s6-rc (suggestions welcome)

From: Casper Ti. Vector <>
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 22:06:22 +0800

Hello, I plan to give a 2-hour student-to-students lecture about
s6/s6-rc in my school's LUG. Attached are related files for anyone
interested (any suggestion is more than welcome):

* Init-RC-with-s6.txt: the outline I prepared for the lecture.
  (The outline is base on a my personal view of s6/s6-rc, and of course
  does not necessarily represent the opinion of anyone else.)
* s6-conf.tgz: simplified example of s6 / s6-rc deployment, as discussed
  in the attached outline.

The example was designed with Void Linux in mind, but should be
reasonably adaptable to other Linux distros. I tested the setup in a
virtual machine, and recommend you to also use a VM, or at least a
non-critical machine. The scripts need bash and a few other GNU tools
(sorry but I did not quite invest time on POSIXity).

To use the tarball, login or su to root, extract the tarball keeping all
permissions (with the `-p' option of tar(1)), make the `s6/distfiles'
directory and download all needed (see `s6/scripts/') release
tarballs from into that directory, then follow HOWTO.txt and
see the outcome.

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