Re: s6-rc setup

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 15:39:15 +0100

On 25/02/2016 15:17, Jan Olszak wrote:
> I work on a medium-sized embedded system.

  Depending on the amount of services you are running on that embedded
system, s6-rc might be overpowered for you. Only use it if you have a
nontrivial set of dependencies between services.

> So far I've done as little as possible in inittab (syslog, getty, mounts)
> + s6-svscan starts all other stuff.

  You can run your gettys and syslogd under s6 too. :)

> s6-svscan doesn't run with PID 1. It's started in inittab.

  This doesn't change anything, s6-rc will work with that setup too.

> So can I setup s6-rc + initd and later use s6-linux-init? Would that add
> any work compared to doing both at the same time?

  No, those are completely independent steps. However, if you intend
to replace sysvinit at some point, you will need to migrate the services
that are currently supervised by it into services supervised by s6
(and possibly managed by s6-rc).

  The way to setup s6-rc when you have another init is to identify the
points where init launches a one-shot process. sysvinit can launch two:
the "sysinit" one and the "runlevel" one. Once you have successfully
converted your scripts to the s6-rc format, you can run s6-rc-init
in the "sysinit" section, and "s6-rc change my-runlevel" in the
"runlevel" section, for instance.

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