Re: What's the difference between s6 and s6-rc?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 19:26:11 +0100

On 25/02/2016 18:54, Steve Litt wrote:
> Understanding depends on
> understanding the exact meanings of "supervision suite" and "service
> manager", two phrases sounding confusingly similar to me (and I doubt
> I'm the only one). Also confusing is sometimes use of "supervision
> tree", which I assume is a synonym for "supervision suite." And then in
> your email reply (above), you refer to "process supervisor", which I
> assume is yet another synonym for "supervision suite."

  The supervision tree is the tree of Unix processes that represents all
your supervised daemons. It goes like this:

   \_ s6-svscan
        \_ s6-supervise foobar
        | \_ foobard
        \_ s6-supervise bazqux
             \_ bazquxd

  ... it's a tree.
  (Sometimes, s6-svscan *is* init.)

  What I call a "supervision suite" is the whole suite of programs, i.e.
the s6 package as a whole. What I call a "process supervisor" is the
subset of programs directly involved in process supervision, i.e.
s6-supervise and s6-svscan.

  Do you think a glossary page would help? A page that defines the various
terms that we use daily, and that people who are less familiar with
supervision and service mangement could refer to?

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