nosh version 1.27

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2016 00:19:09 +0100

The nosh package is now up to version 1.27 .


In fact, it is soon to be version 1.28. This is a somewhat delayed
notice for 1.27, because I forgot to send out the notices for versions
1.27 and 1.26 after updating the WWW site.

As can be seen from the roadmap, we are at the point in rc.d conversion
for FreeBSD/PC-BSD where it's actually easier to count the things that
remain unconverted. Discounting the PC-BSD Active Directory services
and a handful of suspect FreeBSD services (such as growfs, which doesn't
apply to ZFS in the first place) the remaining things to be converted
can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The external configuration
import mechanism has gained the ability to handle stf, atabridge,
mdconfig, and a few others. There are also a whole bunch more service
bundles: cross-platform, for Linux, and for BSD.


The OOM Killer avoidance measures from version 1.25 are now employed in
the PostgreSQL service bundle as well.

The systemd service unit conversion tool has gained a whole load of
NUMA-related extensions: NUMAInterleave, NUMAMemBind, NUMACPUNodeBind,
NUMAPhysCPUBind, NUMALocalAlloc, and NUMAPreferred. These it translates
into the equivalent invocations of the numactl chain-loading utility.

It has also gained a couple of minor fixes and tweaks. The %m
substitution now works, and service bundles comprising FIFOs or AF_LOCAL
sockets are now created so that they are ordered after any relevant
filesystem mount services.

By request, the nosh Guide has gained a whole chapter of cheatsheets,
giving quick one-liner pointers to some common tasks. The chapter is
divided into three sections: chain loading, logging, and service
management. The service management division is subdivided into
daemontools-style commands, systemd-style commands, OpenBSD-style
commands, SMF-style commands, and common commands. The chain loading
division gives a number of the more common commands used in
chain-loading run scripts (and whereever else one might want to use them).

There have been improvements in static network setup, including fixes
for some bugs in static_arp and static_ndp and a more cross-platform
replacement for the static-networking service.

The nosh-bundles package now supplies several aliases for services,
which are just plain old symbolic links. So (for example) one can
address the CUPS service as either org.cups.cupsd or just plain cupsd.

Things to look forward to in version 1.28 already include: more service
bundles; another chain-loading utility; a major revision to MySQL and
MariaDB service bundling, to reflect the pushes by their own developers
to obviate their rc scripts and the mysql-safe command and just run
mysqld directly under service management using the tools provided by the
service management system; and a change relevant to the all-important
linux_logo command. (-:
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