Supervision Framework Release 39

From: tokiclover <>
Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 16:53:29 +0200

Just pushed another tag which brings in:

  - more portability bits (removed previous usage of getopt(1)--3 previous
  - added C utilities to check/querry/mount fstab(5) entries easily;
  - bug fixes of previous releases;

Now, everything should be fine? Probably. At least, bootup and shutdown
services are easy to write as never before.

attached mail follows:

Just released r35 after doubling the number of lines... almost ~+2k;
to add a C code for a multipurpose binary which now takes care of
service scheduling. And this serialize/parallel service start/stop up
improving greatly the previous shell solution.

So, everything should be fine now regarding service dependencies
regarding system bootup/shutdown; minus, everything else not being taken
care of.

NOTE: services start/stop are more than reliable when Runit/S6 is used.
I did not take the time to answer many incorrect asumptions about this
package in the list, but many were plain wrong like "there are just
getty services", or "rely [only] on OpenRC"... Come on, this is far from
the truth. The package aims to be distribution neutral;; and there are
many other complicated service examples to get everything done easily
(like the helpers/functions and environment variables included in the
environment to get things done easily and efficiently without re-writing
everything again and again from scratch.)
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