Re: error on logging and how to correctly implement svlogd?

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 21:52:15 -0300

2016-06-20 7:51 GMT-03:00 Thomas Lau:
> runsv test: fatal: unable to lock supervise/lock: temporary failure
> [...]
> What exactly is wrong here?

The runsv program sets a lock on the 'supervise/lock' file of the
supervised process' service directory ('test' in this case). To make
sure that no other runsv process is already running on that directory,
I believe. That message means that runsv failed to set that lock (IIUC
a non-blocking flock() / lockf() call failing with EAGAIN /
EWOULDBLOCK). However, the information provided is not enough to tell
why, unfortunately. You don't say how the 'test' service is launched;
do you have a symlink to its servicedir in /etc/service?

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