Re: runit kill runsv

From: Jan Bramkamp <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 14:00:53 +0200

On 22/06/16 03:51, Thomas Lau wrote:
> I am try to reproduce situation when runsv under some catastrophic failure,
> when runsv got killed, it will restart, but my test daemon "memcached"
> still running on background, eventually it will start memcached twice. How
> could I avoid this from happening? Seems fault handling isn't that great on
> this matter.

While there are few good portable options unless the supervised software
cooperates most operating systems offer useful tracking mechanisms. On
FreeBSD you could:

  * put the supervised processes inside a named jail (secure container)
and destroy a stale jails in ./run
  * put the supervised processes in a dedicated login class and pkill
all processes with said login class.

On Linux you can probably achieve the same with cgroups. Such ./run
script may not be portable but they are a lot more reliable than just
killing PIDs mentioned in potentially stale pidfiles or a blind pgrep/pkill.

The best (mostly) portable solution is to run the service under a
dedicated user and kill all processes of belonging to this user in ./run.
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