Re[2]: error on logging and how to correctly implement svlogd?

From: Avery Payne <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 15:55:26 +0000

>Thanks for replying. I don't use symlink, instead I put everything
>on /etc/service/test, then sv start test
Try this:

     mkdir /etc/svcdef
     mkdir /etc/svcdef/test
     mkdir /etc/svcdef/test/log

Put a copy of your test service ./run file into the new directory:

     cp /etc/service/test/run /etc/svcdef/test/run

Now open an editor like this:

     vi /etc/svcdef/test/log/run

and put this into it:

exec 2>&1
# extract the service name
SVNAME=$( basename $( echo `pwd` | sed 's/log//' ) )
# create a logging directory if one isn't present
[ -d /var/log/$SVNAME ] || mkdir -p /var/log/$SVNAME ; chown :adm
# create a hard-coded path name to reference
[ -d main ] || ln -s /var/log/$SVNAME main
# launch the logger
exec /usr/bin/svlogd -tt main

after that, save the file and exit the editor, and do the following:

     mkdir /etc/sv
     cp -Rav /etc/svcdef/* /etc/sv/
     ln -s /etc/sv /service

Now start your supervision and make sure it's pointing at /service
instead of /etc/service. Type

     ps fax

...and you should see a supervision "tree" complete with your test
service and logger. You don't have to use /etc/svcdef or /etc/sv or
even /service, I'm just giving these as suggestions. For that matter
the logger could even be switched out, the logging done elsewhere, etc.

The logging needs to start using a subdirectory of the service. In this
case, the service is /etc/sv/test and the logger would be
/etc/sv/test/log. A ./run file needs to be present in the log directory
to launch the logger, which is the script we just created at

Hope this helps.
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