listen(1): proposed addition to the runit suite

From: Daniel Kahn Gillmor <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 11:58:55 -0400

Hi Gerrit and other runit folks--

I'm working on a new tool that i think would fit well with runit, and i
was wondering if there is any interest in it as a contribution to the
runit suite.

The tool is a binary called "listen", which tries to open a series of
sockets and then exec()'s another command with those file descriptors
already open. It adopts a convention for identifying those file
descriptors from systemd's socket activation features, so that it can be
used to supervise any daemon that follows the same convention.

I've attached a rough draft of the documentation for the proposed
utility -- my code doesn't implement the whole thing yet, and it's not
yet styled for inclusion in runit. But if you think it'd be useful as
part of the runit suite, i'd be happy to try to implement it following
the runit conventions.

Also: is there a public revision control system for runit? I've fetched
the tarballs but some of the info in the tarballs looks like it might be
generated from git (e.g. "chpst -V" produces something that looks like a
git commit id). I'd be happy to supply changes as patches against a
canonical git repo, if there is one.

The draft of listen(1)'s man page (in markdown format) follows.

Feedback welcome,


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