Re: nosh and redo have moved

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 21:23:08 +0100

> Clicking on the links to the *.bz2 source packages results in an HTTP
> 404 error (but not with the links to the *.gz ones, so the packages
> can still be downloaded). The same thing happens with the links about
> their slashpackage-style, which point to a nonexistent FGA (I don't
> remember if it existed in the old site), and with the links to any of
> the OpenBSD binary packages.

It's a complication in the mirroring arrangements amongst the WWW
servers. I'm hoping to do something about it next week.

The OpenBSD binary packages and the *.tar.bz2 source archives are on but haven't made it to .

The hyperlinked Frequently Given Answer did not exist before.
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