ruinit-rpm systemd service file

From: Otheus <>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 15:37:33 +0200

For the runit-rpm project, I submitted a pull request.

The patch includes the following motivation:

>From systemd's viewpoint, the *service *is runsvdir, and not
runsvdir-start. The latter is simply a wrapper script for the former and
needed because of initttab's limitations. With systemd, a service file can
contain all the information in that script and more. Thus, the essence of
runsvdir-start is moved into the service file. Caveats:
  * I'm not aware of a way to *completely empty *the enrivonment. Systemd
sets environment variables as described in systemd.exec(7)
  * The distributed version of runsvdir-start contains a very strange and
IMO incorrect PATH. In general, sysadmins appreciate having PATH follow the
      sbin > bin
      local > usr
      usr > /
   That is:
   An acceptable alternative is to regard sbin and bin as equals, thus:
   But I consider the previous one to be best-practice.

  * For Linux specifically, OOMScoreAdjust is set to disable OOMKiller on
runsvdir. I think everyone sees the obvious necessity here.
  * Finally, the meta-daemon should be restarted if it's ever stopped.
Quite possible this is not correct behavior, but in my view, if someone is
using systemd, they should use systemd to stop/start runsvdir, and not stop
it with signals.

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