[ANNOUCE] supervision-0.12.2 (stable) released

From: tokiclover <tokiclover_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2016 10:45:19 +0200

Hi list,

Just annoucing a new stable release after 0.12.1 which I forgot
altogether to post here which was a tiny bug fixes like this one.
--Right on, this release fix *only* false service start failure for
supervision services with a simple shell condional statement fix.

And then... new complicated service examples were added, namely, mysql,
apache2, nagios or libvirt services were added in the package. So, an
old function get promoted to public API, namely svc_wait() shell
function, to be able to wait a file--a server pidfile or socket to be
able to declare service started safely. This shell function is welcomed to
start heavy servers like Apache or MySQL daemons for example.

Checkout the supervision(5) man page for the new additions... Well, there
are the generalisation of reload and restart LSB commands support instead
of being simply extra commands supported by a service.

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