Re: How to redirect to /run/uncaught-logs/current?

From: Jean Louis <>
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2016 08:11:01 +0200

Thank you Colin.

On Wed, Nov 02, 2016 at 02:25:05PM -0700, Colin Booth wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 11:54 AM, Jean Louis <> wrote:
> > And here is what I wish and don't know how to handle yet:
> >
> > I have acpid, and I wish that output from acpid is going to
> > /run/uncaught-logs/current, and I have it like this, and I get on boot
> > screen, the messages:
> >
> > acpid: starting up with netlink and the input layer, and such other
> > messages. What should I do to bring it to the logs? I have tried
> > various options.
> >
> > #!/bin/execlineb -P
> > #redirfd -wnb 1 /run/service/s6-svscan-log/fifo
> > fdmove -c 2 1
> > /usr/sbin/acpid -fl
> Check to see where the stdout and stderr for the s6-supervise managing
> acpid are pointing. They should be pointed at
> /run/service/s6-svscan-log/fifo which has been inherited from
> s6-svscan.

Do I understand well, the stdout and stderr are inherited from script
to script in s6-rc/services?

Basically, if I change something in a previous script, it is being
inherited by acpid script?

> if you're using s6-linux-init-maker, try regenerating your stage1
> script with the -r option to s6-linux-init-maker, which force
> redirects stdout and stderr from your stage2 script to the catch-all
> logger.

That makes me not see anything on screen, is it? I wish to see
some basic messages on screen, to know what is being fired, at which
moment, for later settings or tuning.

I have no distribution, all the system is made from sources, and in
future, it must be possible to re-run it (almost) automatically by
using some programming language. I can do this when I finish tuning.

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