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From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016 11:41:04 +0000

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The nosh package is now up to version 1.29.


There's been a lot going on since version 1.28 .

2016 leap second

The TAI to UTC conversions know about the forthcoming leap second.

service bundles

As usual, there are several new service bundles, from powerd++ through
zfsd to fwknopd. The new fs-servers target allows one to order the
initialization of NFS servers before loop-to-self NFS mounts. The new
multi-user-pre target is another ordering target that allows services
such as the motd file updater to be ordered before TTY login services.
The instantiated kdm_at_tty7 and kdm_at_ttyv6 services have been replaced with
a single kdm service, with a view to dealing with display managers
better in the future. I have some plans in this area.

The Samba service names have been fixed. Debian calls them nmb, smb,
and winbind; but the Samba doco and most places on the WWW call them
nmbd, smbd, and winbindd. The latter names are used in the service
bundles package, with aliases pointing to them from the Debian names.

The doco has been improved and kept up-to-date in various places, 
including correct descriptions of set-service-env and print-service-env 
after one confused user got in touch.  PC-BSD is now named as TrueOS 
where the reference is not historical.
code review
As a result of some code review that was offered, std::auto_ptr is now 
gone and a rare memory corruption bug in safe_execvp() has been fixed.  
Building from scratch when one doesn't have a prior daemontools or 
freedt toolset installed also no longer hits a bug.
configuration import improvements
In an effort to clear those last few remaining items on the nosh 
roadmap, a whole load of configuration import (pppd, sppp, rfcomm_ppp, 
dhclient, wpa_supplicant, natd, and hostapd) has been consolidated under 
the umbrella of static-networking.  I plan to expand this further in 
1.31, given how much is already in 1.30.
Linux kernel VTs
Management of Linux kernel virtual terminals has some improvements, 
including setting UTF-8 canonical mode editing and keyboard composition 
modes, and emitting the control sequences that set up the screen saver.
tai64nlocal changes
tai64nlocal has adopted a minor but important change from the BSD and 
GNU C libraries: before reading the start of a line it flushes its 
output.  This came from trying to use it as a co-process in GNU awk.  To 
prevent deadlocks, GNU awk co-processes need to be in what is 
effectively line buffered output mode even though their standard inputs 
and outputs are not terminal devices.  This is now the case for 
tai64nlocal and it can be used to convert TAI64N timestamps as a GNU awk 
FreeBSD and TrueOS packaging
The largest change, however, is in the FreeBSD/TrueOS and OpenBSD packaging.
This is a change that is going to happen in the Debian packaging in a 
later version.  It's partly to simplify the package maintenance, and 
partly a step towards having OpenBSD packages that work.  A single 
package description is fed to both the new pkg tool that exists on 
FreeBSD/TrueOS and the old pkg tool that exists on OpenBSD.  It's not 
perfect, as there are things that are easy with the new pkg tool that 
are hard with the old one; and the OpenBSD packages are still not fully 
functional.  But things are better than they were.  The OpenBSD service 
bundles package now almost properly sets up per-service user accounts 
and log directories, for example.
===========  IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTE FOR FreeBSD/TrueOS: ===============
An important consequence of the aforementioned is that the semantics of 
the nosh-bundles package have changed.  In earlier versions, the various 
nosh-run-* packages were how one set services running, except for a 
small rump set of services that were set up by the nosh-bundles 
package.  This is now no longer the case.  The nosh-bundles package now 
presets and starts no services at all. *All* running of services must be 
achieved with the nosh-run-* packages or some other sets of scripts and 
To this end, there are now two new packages, 
nosh-run-freebsd-desktop-base and nosh-run-freebsd-server-base. These 
parallel the already existing nosh-run-trueos-desktop-base and 
nosh-run-trueos-server-base packages; except that they do not start any 
of the services that exist in TrueOS but do not exist in FreeBSD, such 
as the various pc-* services.
You must install, for a working fully-nosh-managed system, exactly one 
of these four packages.  If you are running nosh service management 
under Mewburn rc, you can of course run as many or as few services under 
the nosh service manager as you care to switch over from Mewburn rc.  
But if you are running a fully-nosh-managed system these packages will 
arrange to run the various fundamentals that one pretty much cannot do 
without, such as mounting/unmounting volumes, running devd and ldconfig, 
and initializing the PRNG.
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