Adding capability control into the `run' script comparison page

From: Casper Ti. Vector <>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2016 15:38:09 +0800

nosh's `run' script comparison page [1] is a very excellent refutation
against the "non-systemd init scripts are full of boilerplate" argument.
Nevertheless, one systemd supporter argues [2] that the page is not
representative for the "advanced" features, including service dependency
and capability control (I consider cgroup support as part of this). The
dependencies argument is easily solved using one link to the
documentation of the `dependencies' file in s6 (I know nosh supports it,
but the docs are in tarballs on and has no direct link).

But I do think the capability argument has its validity: chainloading
is, at this time, not well known to normal users, which is why many
systemd supporters compulsorily identify cgroup support with systemd
with few people opposing. Therefore I suggest to add some examples of
capacility control (eg. one example for ulimit, plus one example for
cgroup) into the comparison page, or an independent page.

(To be clear, I understand that some systemd supporters are just trolls
and would try anything possible to create the illusion that we are
incorrect; here I just want to help spread our information for those
that might convert.)

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[2] <>

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