Re: GNU Emacs now runs in foreground

From: Jean Louis <>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016 13:49:29 +0300

On Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 10:40:20AM +0100, Martin "eto" Misuth wrote:
> - mpd - the music player daemon - basically music player
> - when spawned as it's own service outside of/before X it can keep music
> playing even as you are tweaking you xorg.conf :)
> - can route music over fifos through network and make many amchines play
> same music

I will try that one, when I figure out how to configure it.

> - rxvt-unicode - uberterminal
> - this thing can operate as normal xterm-like term (process per session),
> or as daemon, when single process hosts all your terminals
> - benefits are increased new terminal startup speed (on my current box,
> this is subsecond delay - helps when you treat terms as disposable
> "surfaces"), and supposedly memory conservation, as lots of data is shared
> between the windows

I was always using rxvt, and now not any more. Just xterm. It is bound
to keys alt-ctrl-t and it quickly jumps up in front of me (maybe
because other terms are already running). And I like the loggin
feature, SVG screen dump and HTML dump. It is bloated, but working well.

> - quassel - irc client
> - irc client core runs as headless daemon, client present interface
> - requires Qt and is quite heavy

If I use GNU Emacs, the erc IRC client is there, so no need for me.

> Many other things can be "adapted" to daemon, for example aria2c downloader
> supports xmlrpc interface. There is slew of bittorrent clients, that can be run
> this way.

In user-space, I am using HTTP server, fetching emails from servers,
backup, and cron (using mcron in Guile).

> Regarding "major" problem 1., that of crashing, rxvt-unicode is most "felt" when
> it trips over. Fortunately it is incredibly stable - I have crash it maybe one
> or two times in 7 years time frame, daily use. I usually have 10-100 open
> terminals per xsession.

Wow so many?

I have put in .bashrc:

# Logging of .bashrc opening
# file: terminalsopened.log is: chattr +a
echo Terminal: `/bin/date +'%F-%T'` >> /home/data1/protected/tmp/terminalsopened.log 2> /dev/null

So that I get a lot of how many times I open a terminal. Since
2016-01-03, until today, 18,979 times, or some 1700+ times per month,
or 56 - 60 times per day.

Jean Louis
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