From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2016 08:35:50 +0000

Martin "eto" Misuth:
> I think Mr Jonathan de Boyne Pollard might be cooking, or even already
> has, something similar in nosh.

Long since. (-: It was in version 1.0 .

Martin "eto" Misuth:
> at some point I was interested in digging out whether systemd had
> "subreapers" at it's disposal, and why it didn't use them

It has. The systemd people were responsible for getting this mechanism
into Linux in the first place.


Martin "eto" Misuth:
> - observing behaviour of reparenting under init for thousands of times
> in htop

Now observe it under not init and not htop. (-:

Here's the nosh service manager's subreaper mechanism in action. Process
31427 is a per-user service manager, which is a subreaper. Process 9408
is GNOME Terminal and process 9412 is a Z Shell running connected to
that terminal. In the shell, I ran (sleep 6000&) which resulted in an
orphaned sleep process, process 9451. As you can see, that process has
been reparented to the nearest subreaper.

                                                 | |-{io}(31596)
                                                 | |-{output:default }(31599)
                                                 | `-{player}(31597)
                                                 | |-{dconf worker}(9277)
                                                 | |-{gdbus}(9279)
                                                 | `-{gmain}(9291)
                                                 | |-zsh(9412)---pstree(9482)
                                                 | |-{dconf worker}(9409)
                                                 | |-{gdbus}(9410)
                                                 | `-{gmain}(9413)
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