[ANNOUNCE] supervision-0.12.6 release

From: tokiclover <tokiclover_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 12:52:27 +0100

Hi list,

This release fix the SysV rc compatible runlevel (nonetwork/single)
broken with a clean up/refactorization of v0.12.5. So, a few SysVinit
compatible goodies went in as well, namely, there is new symlinks to
sv-shutdown which can be now called as SysV utilities halt, reboot,
poweroff and shutdown. Each one of these utility has a default system
halt which are now included to sv-shutdown. So, using
`SV_LIBDIR/sbin/shutdown -h now' will mimick the SysV behaviour... if
`-h' is not provided the utility will bring the system to single
runlevel like the SysV utility.

I've just released v0.12.6.1 a few mintues ago which fix s6-v2
init-stage (to pass the action/runlevel--nothing noticeable if
reboot is not used, else, a reboot will just shutdown the system.)
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