Re: s6 talk at FOSDEM 2017

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2017 10:59:28 +0000

>* p. 12: after skimming inittab(5), I am inclined to agree that the
> to start `respawn' processes are undocumented. But I do not think
> they are started in parallel with `wait' processes: whether on Gentoo
> or Alpine, I always find gettys to be started after `openrc default'.

  I didn't look too hard at the source code because things like this
_should_ be documented no matter what. I remember early experiments
with old RedHats or Debians where the gettys were actually started in
parallel, but things may have changed since. My experience with Alpine
matches yours: at least getty1 gets started after "openrc default" - but
that's a busybox init implementation choice.

>* pp. 40-41: I think it is advisable to somehow emphasise chainloading.
> At the very least, a mention that resource control and (well, if
> someone really wants it :) cgroup support can be easily implemented
> with chainloading will be very instructive.


  Please bear in mind that I did not intend these slides to be published
as is, I only linked them to show FOSDEM organizers that there was
material to work with - and they ended up on the public event page, oh
But I know they need to be reworked - and as is they probably have very
little to do with what's going to end up in the 15 minute condensed
So please don't focus too hard on those slides, they're not really what
I'm working with at the moment.

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