[ANNOUNCE] supervision-0.13.0

From: tokiclover <tokiclover_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2017 20:49:15 +0100

A new stable release is out. This release depart from 0.12.x for, one,
major clean up from the previous stable, and second, new features addition.

The publicc API changed slightly from the clean up and the new features.

The big new feature is the support of subsystems for containrisation, so
that, handling of a containrisation subsystem will go seamlessly with no
additional step from the installation and configuration stand point.

sv-shutdown(8) is now installed in standard path because it is now fully
featured and adopt the BSD behaviour of handling the time of the
shutdown and the message broadcasting. shutdown(8), poweroff(8), halt(8)
and reboot(8) aliases have a more points in common with SystemV and BSD

A new command sv-stage(8) is now available to handle init-stage or run levels.
SystemV styles run levels are now fully supported with a finely grained
supervision style init stages. The command support a status command for
run levels status and start/stop management.

A few things changed for the better and the ChangeLog is quite volumenous;
so, read the manual pages and the main configuration file for more
information about the changes and the new features.
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