nosh version 1.32

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 09:09:24 +0000

The nosh package is now up to version 1.32 .




This release fixes two problems with Gentoo Linux (control group version
detection and a problem with mounting API filesystems) that we hashed
out on the Supervision mailing list. It furthermore contains a change
to the way that convert-systemd-units generates service bundles that
fixes problems with control group setup when the service unit defines a
"slice" for the service or when the service unit is a template. In
furtherance of that there's a new create-control-group command.

Other things in this release include improvements to the (unpackaged) Z
Shell command-line completions, which now display option completion
menus properly; some improvements to the Terminals chapter in the Guide;
fixes to various service bundles that were using shell reserved words
and operators such as "for" and "&&" without explicitly invoking the
shell; additions to userenv for setting DBus and XDG Runtime variables;
and a fix that prevents "system-control reset" from looping indefinitely
when run by an unprivileged user such as "messagebus" that lacks access
to the control/status API.

The major improvement in this release, though, is to console-fb-realizer
on TrueOS.

FreeBSD gives console-fb-realizer uhid device files to use for input
devices, which speak the USB HID report protocol and which
console-fb-realizer has been happy with for a long time. TrueOS
provides either ums/ukbd devices, which lack various features because
they speak the old sysmouse and atkbd protocols, or ugen devices. There
are no uhid devices available. console-fb-realizer can now use the ugen
devices. Moreover, it will detach the ums/ukbd drivers from the ugen
devices using the new detach-kernel-usb-driver command, so that there
aren't two things both attempting to read HID reports.

console-fb-realizer also now correctly sets the keyboard LEDs on both
FreeBSD and TrueOS.

There have been several minor adjustments to the kernel VT sharing parts
of console-fb-realizer, preparatory to splitting the program up into
separate parts for input and output devices, permitting things such as
multiple keyboards each with its own keyboard map and numlock semantics,
in a future release.
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