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Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 14:40:35 -0500

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> Hello everyone!
> I'm back from FOSDEM and it was great! Lots of people to meet, lots
> of interesting talks to attend. And I had my own 15 minutes of glory,
> complete with French accent and mic failure! The video has arrived and
> it's available at:

Reading the abovementioned link, I still can't figure out exactly what
"service management" is. The part about "bring all services up" and
"bring all services down" sound to me like rc scripts. Is that correct?
the part about "change services' states" sounds like (in runit) the sv
command. Is that correct?

You mention that services can be oneshots or longruns. To make it a
longrun, would you just call it with the equivalent of runit's runsv,
from inside the rc file?

You mention the following:

Void Linux uses runit without a service
manager; it sometimes needs hacks
(longruns doing nothing) to emulate oneshot

Isn't the proper way to do a runit oneshot to run it from one of the rc
scripts (/etc/runit/1 or /etc/runit/2)?

The world needs more explanations like the one you give in this
slideshow. One thing I'd like to see is a definitive set of definitions
for service managers and supervision suites. Each definition should
come with plenty of examples and enough redundancy that even the most
unfamiliar can understand exactly what you're talking about.

Which do you like more: Anopa, or s6-rc?

Thanks for the great doc!


Steve Litt
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