Re: s6 talk at FOSDEM 2017: video

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2017 16:35:37 +0000

>Thing is, I've always thought of anopa as a set of tools, that allow
>you to set things up however you want. I like that idea, and so that's
>why it doesn't create service(dir)s on its own, unlike s6-rc.

  I totally agree with that philosophy, but all the pressure I'm getting
is always in the direction of "make it more user-friendly, accessible to
normal people, integrate it more, more high-level commands" - never
the other way.
  That's why I added magic to s6-rc-compile to make it run a fdholder and
a oneshot-runner automatically as needed: users want the resulting
mechanism without having to concern themselves with the details, so if
the details can be automated, all the better - even if, for you and me,
they're easy to understand and set up manually.

  So if you think an "aa-command" longrun is the proper way to run
oneshots with anopa (a position I obviously agree with) I think you
have it by default in your example service sets, or something of the
Few people have the inclination and time to tinker enough to come up
that themselves!

>OTOH anopa does come with aa-stage{0..4} scripts, that's true.

  You also have some kind of tty management, which s6-rc doesn't.

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