Archnosh - the nosh toolset packaged for Archlinux

From: Thomas Caravia <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2017 15:15:30 +0200


The archnosh repository[1] provides the build files necessary to
integrate the nosh[2] system and service manager with Archlinux package
management, as of version 1.33[3].

The nosh toolset is part of the daemontools family of managers, several
of which are already packaged[4] for Archlinux: runit, s6, daemontools,

The packages generated via archnosh follow the Debian packaging[5]
provided by the author of nosh and allow for two major setups:

1. Running the nosh service manager under systemd

    Here systemd remains the default system and service manager but
    migrating a service to nosh supervision is just a matter of
    disabling it from systemd and enabling its equivalent with nosh.

2. Running nosh as both system and service manager

    This is a fully nosh-managed system, the nosh system manager runs
    as init.

Various packages provide simple utilities which may be of interest in
themselves, in particular the eponymous nosh script processor.

The nosh toolset has currently been tested for the x86_64 architecture
on qemu/kvm virtual machines and non-virtualised on a laptop with
minimal installs of early 2017 Archlinux releases. Although further
testing is of course ongoing, obtaining a useful working system is made
relatively easy by the comprehensive collection of service bundles
--the native service configuration and control mechanism-- packaged
with the toolset.

Pointers for installing on Archlinux are available in the repository

A guide[6] is available for further information about nosh.

The latest repository archive is available here:

It follows the Arch packaging standards as much as possible but can no
doubt be improved.


[1] mirrors:
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