Re: A dumb question

From: Alex Efros <>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2017 21:10:06 +0300


On Tue, May 02, 2017 at 07:16:24PM +0200, Francisco Gómez wrote:
> Besides, if you could magically do perfect small
> applications, that means you'd have to keep working with and on
> millions of small tools, right? Wouldn't that just add up complexity!?

It depends, but in general just having millions of small tools by itself
doesn't add any noticeable complexity. It became clear if you imagine all
these tools are very similar to each other, for example they all read
plain text data from STDIN, somehow transform it and output to STDOUT. :)
When you learn such tools for the first time, first 3-4 of them will feels
like they bring some new complexity into your life, but after that you
won't feel any more complexity with 20 or 20000 more tools.

At my shell prompt I've 4280 executable commands available, most of which
I don't know, but the fact they're exists on my system doesn't add any
complexity to my life - I know they all can be executed in same way,
nearly all will accept options in same way and show usage/help, nearly all
have man pages which also can be viewed in same way…

Most of complexity usually comes from differences, not from amount.

			WBR, Alex.
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