How to use s6 and s6-rc together

From: Robert Hill <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2017 16:28:17 -0500

Hello list,

I have read the documentation for s6 and s6-rc at, but I
am having a little trouble understanding the fundamentals of how to get my
Slackware box running using it as both the init, process supervisor, and
service manager. (I am still in the exploratory stages of this project; I
am trying to plan out what my strategy will be before I jump in. My
eventual goal will be to provide Slackbuild scripts for these packages and
dependencies for ease of installation on Slackware, although it will be my
first attempt at creating Slackbuilds.)

The overview for s6-rc <>
mentions that:

> the chosen init should make sure that a s6 supervision tree is up and
> running. s6-rc will only work if there is an active s6-svscan process
> monitoring a scan directory.

This is a little confusing to me, and I am sure I am not understanding
correctly. If s6-svscan is monitoring a scan directory, won't all the
processes in that scan directory already have been started by the
s6-supervise instances that get started by s6-svscan? I would like to use
s6-rc to start all services and s6 to supervise them once started.

The page for s6-supervise <>
indicates that it will only start services if the default service state is
up. Does that imply that the default service state for all services with
dependencies should be down, so that they do not get started when s6-svscan
is run (thus enabling s6-rc to start them according to the dependency


Robert Hill
Received on Thu May 18 2017 - 21:28:17 UTC

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