anopa 0.5.0

From: Olivier Brunel <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 20:50:16 +0200

Hey there,

Quick note to announce the release of anopa 0.5.0, changes since last version :

 ! Makefile: Fix install w/ dynamic library. Thanks to linsam.

 ! tty: Fix when multiple devices are listed as console. Thanks to linsam.

 ! Fix possible memory corruption. Thanks to John O'M.

 ! start/stop: Fix setting longruns as timed out
    Only oneshots should be marked as timed out, longruns should not have
    their status modified because it would be "take over" the s6 status (at
    least from aa-status) while it shouldn't.

    Most obvious example is when timing out while waiting for readiness:
    surely the status of the services remains "Up", not "Timed out"

 + status: Report "Up; Getting ready..." as needed
    Longruns that are up (i.e. not (yet) ready) but do support readiness
    will be announced as such, making it obvious they support readiness and
    therefore aren't yet in their "final" state.

+++ enable: Add --alarm-s6
    When adding new servicedirs to an active repodir (i.e. its scandir has a
    running s6-svscan), for new longruns to be properly set/usable we need to
    "alarm" s6-svscan, so it rescans the scandir.

    This had to be done manually via `s6-svscanctl -a $REPODIR/.scandir` but
    can now be done automatically from aa-enable.

 ! start/stop: Fix issues on 32bit systems. Thanks to John O'M.

 ! stage0: Fix stderr not on console upon break

*** stage4: Open a shell if aa-terminate fails

*** stage3: Tweak wait-ing post TERM/KILL
    - After TERM we give processes ~4s to end instead of immediately trying
      to KILL them;
    - After KILL we only wait up to ~2s, then move on (instead of blocking
      should there be a process in uninterruptible sleep)

*** stop: Wait for longruns to be Down & Ready (not just Down)

*** stop: In stop-all, default timeout becomes a maximum
    So any timeout defined in a file timeout in servicedir will be ignored
    if more than the default (or 0 for infinite).

 * stage3: Set default/max timeout to 20s

 * Deprecate aa-command

--- Remove deprecated aa-mvlog

*** Bump dependencies to skalibs; execline and s6

 ! Plus a few (other) fixes; see git log for details

As usual, tarball is here[1], source code on github[2].


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