Re: nosh git tree

From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <>
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2017 12:42:13 +0100 (BST)

Suggestions are welcome. You can put them on the Supervision mailing list if
you like. Please bear in mind the design principles laid out in the Guide , though.

Bug reports and real world experiences are also welcome, and in fact more
interesting. Several recent developments have come from bug reports. The
recent changes for the per-user service bundle for gpg-agent came about from a
bug report from a person who has a more up-to-date version of gpg-agent than is
available on any of my test operating systems, for example. Again, you can use
the Supervision mailing list if you like.

There is a Roadmap in the WWW blurb with some
of the items on my own to-do list on it. The to-do list itself has somewhat
more on it. Currently, for example, I am further improving the external
configuration import, so that /etc/system-control/convert/rc.conf aggregates
more stuff on non-BSD systems.

Arch users might want to contribute to Archnosh .
 Gentoo users might want to contribute to the Gentoo doco and bring it up to the Archnosh level.
 Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and TrueOS users note that I supply full package
repositories already.
 There is no git repository, but the curious can see old source archives via
GOPHER or FTP there. The FTP listing is determined by the server's directory
order, but they are neatly segregated in the GOPHER menu. It is of course the
same repository being served over HTTP, FTP, and GOPHER, this being publicfile.
 Yes, GOPHER . (-:
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