announcing minibase

From: Alex Suykov <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2017 19:40:28 +0200

Hi everyone,

A project I've been working on for quite some time is approaching its
first public release, and while it's not exactly there yet, I'd like
to make an early announcement for the supervision crowd:

The init part is further development of sninit (which was also announced
here) that has been completely re-worked. Some features of the project:

  * Static linkage, bundled base library, no external dependencies.

  * Split stage init system similar to s6 but with unitary
    supervisor (same parent process for all children).

  * Shell-like interpreter for boot and startup scripts,
    similar to execline in role but quite different in design.

  * Bus-less service control using local sockets.

The project also includes some stuff that in my opinion gets overlooked
in relation to non-mainstream init systems, namely VT/DRM/KMS switching,
disk encryption and networking.

Bootable buildroot-based images for qemu, along with the build scripts,
are available here:

For a quick start, try running pre-built images (from Releases) with qemu.

Please note that while general structure is already in place, lots of
details are still missing and some parts are merely placeholders that
will be rewritten later.
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