[announce] January 2018 release: happy new year from skarnet.org

From: Laurent Bercot <ska-skaware_at_skarnet.org>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2018 10:40:35 +0000


  New releases of some skarnet.org packages are available, including
major version releases to s6 and s6-rc.

  * skalibs-

  - Bugfixes.

  - Lots of new functions, including the textclient library, which is
a simpler IPC library than skaclient for processes that only need to
exchange simple messages and not file descriptors.

  - More POSIX and improved-POSIX portability, including a memmem()
implementation for systems that don't provide it.

  - Some header reorganization, with a new skalibs/posixplz.h header.
Compatibility is ensured, i.e. functions are still accessible via
the old headers; with the next major version release, they may not be


  * s6-

  - Bugfixes.

  - s6-ipcserver and s6-ipcserver-socketbinder have a new "-a perms"
option, allowing basic uid/gid-based connection control for cases
where s6-ipcserver-access is overkill.

  - The ftrigr notification mechanism and the s6lock timed lock
mechanism are now built on top of textclient, not skaclient. This may
yield slightly bigger binaries on some systems, but much shorter and
cleaner code paths.
(The s6-fdholder-* programs still use the more generic skaclient,
because the whole point of those programs is to transmit file


  * s6-rc-

  This is the big one.

  - Bugfixes and major code refactoring.

  - s6-rc pipelines are now funnels. This means that a service can now
have several producers (but still only one consumer). This is useful,
for instance, to log the output of multiple services in a single place:
several longruns can send their output to the same logger.

  - This requires a UI change: since the "first producer" in a pipeline
may not be unique anymore, the "pipeline-name" file is now looked
for in the definition of the _last consumer_ instead. The last consumer
is still unique. The bundle designated by the contents of the
pipeline-name file includes all the services in the funnel.
Source databases need to be changed, but the change is simple: for
every service containing a "pipeline-name" file, follow the
producer-for chains until reaching the last consumer, and move the
pipeline-name file to the definition of that last consumer.

  - A new tool, s6-rc-format-upgrade, has been added, to allow smooth
transitioning to the new compiled format. The way to transition is
documented on the s6-rc-format-upgrade page.


  * s6-dns-

  - Communication with the skadnsd process (for asynchronous resolution)
now use textclient.


  Bug-reports welcome.

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