Re: [Announce] s6.rc: a distribution-friendly init/rc framework

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2018 06:38:33 +0000

>On a second thought, what about (at least a attempt at) solving the
>human (political) problems by human means (propaganda, but of the
>factually correct type)?

  It's not a political problem, it's a religious problem. You just cannot
convince people that your UI is better, any more than you can convince
them that your text editor is better. People have tastes, we may find
them bad, but we're not going to change them; trying only paints you
as an annoying zealot, and is counter-productive.

  The factually correct, technically correct solution is already there,
and they accept it, they believe it - we don't need to convince them
of that. It's simply a UI issue. And the right answer to "I like your
engine, but I don't like your UI" isn't "You're wrong, my UI is the
best", it is to put up - and write a UI they like - or shut up.
A major selling point of the s6 and s6-rc formats is that they're easy
to autogenerate, and a frontend would be proof of that. We claim we're
technically better than everyone else, and that our paradigm is more
flexible than others - well there's the opportunity to prove it.

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