[ANNOUNCE] supervision-0.14.0 release

From: tokiclover <tokiclover_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2018 20:47:41 +0200


Here comes a new[1] release with many bug fixes of v0.13.x. A few bug
fixes were ported to v0.13.1; the others will not be ported because it
would require too much work.

This release comes with a bunch of important and minor fixes which
stabilize server scheduling and dependency handling.

See the attached ChangeLog summary which has only the important changes
from previous releases.

The init-stage utility is now renamed `sv-rc(8)' because it became like
BSD like `rc(8)' or `openrc-rc(8)' utility.

Take care,

*** ChangeLog: ***

Removed `/lib/sv/opt' and merged the directory to `/lib/sv/sh';
Renamed `rs(8)' command to `sv-run(8)';
Renamed `sv-stage(8)' command to `sv-rc(8)'; along with the
environment variable `SV_STAGE' to `SV_INITLEVEL';
Renamed `OS_NAME' to `SV_UNAME' and added `SV_UNAME_RELEASE'
(defined in `${SV_TMPDIR}/env');
Renamed `runscript' shell script to `sv-run.sh';
Renamed `init-stage' shell script to `sv-init.sh';
Renamed `depgen' shell script to `sv-deps.sh';
Renamed `cmd' (supervision shell script) to `run';
Renamed `getty' service instances rightly with a `.' (dot)
instead of a hyphen;

*IMPORTANT NOTE**: if getty service are started, the sysadmin should add
the old symbolc links with
`for s in /etc/sv/getty-tty{2,3,4,5,6,S0,S1}; do ln -fs getty.tty1 $d; done'
before shutting down the service or system!

Manpages was cleaned and updated to v0.14.0;
See `supervision(5)' manual page for more information about the changes;
And also, `sv-run(8)' and `sv-rc(8)' manual pages;

A few bug fixes were ported to v0.13.1 (not all the bugs which require more
work; A nasty thread race bug was fixed lastly which was causing `sv-rc' to hang
waiting a SIGCHLD from a dead child;

`sv-config' was refactorized and coded in C; and now has a -u|--update command
line switch; a `sv-config --update' is now required when updating an old
install to handle the API/ABI changes from previous v0.13.0 and the changes
between v0.12.0 and v0.13.0;

The old `rs stage [COMMAND]' is now replaced with `sv-run init [COMMAND]'
which is now discouraged from general usage;
`sv-rc(8)' takes a runlevel argument like *standard* `rc(8)' utility;
The old `sv-rc --RUNLEVEL' (from previous release) is also supported;

New debugging code was added and can be enabled at runtime with `SV_DEBUG' or
`SVC_DEBUG' envronment variable;
An extra `SV_DEBUG_INFO' environement variable is available to service
information level message;
For more verbose debugging code, configure with `--enable-debug';
For logging debugging output: enable `SV_SYSLOG' and `SV_SYSLOG_INFO';
and then enable `SV_LOGGER' to save logging and debugging output to

RUNSCRIPT SERVICE: DEFAULT, SYSBOOT, local, qemu-vlan.vnet{0,4};


[0]: https://gitlab.com/tokiclover/supervision
[1]: https://gitlab.com/tokiclover/supervision/tags
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