Re: Log rotation issue with runit

From: Alex Efros <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018 03:58:22 +0200


I'm not sure is it good idea to include .u files in usual rotation process
at all, and especially handle them just like .s files. If several crashes
happens for some reason in a short period of time this will result in
deletion of all log files except last (say) 10 .u files, which are usually
small and may contain just one line. Replacing 10MB of last logs with 10
last log lines doesn't sounds like a nice idea.

Possible "right" solution will be to keep same amount of last .u files as
configured for .s files, i.e. if we've configured to keep last 10 files
then we may have at most double amount (10 .u files and 10 .s files).
(I didn't checked mentioned patches, so maybe they already works this way.)

			WBR, Alex.
Received on Wed Dec 26 2018 - 01:58:22 UTC

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