[ANNOUNCE] supervision-0.14.7 stable release

From: tokiclover <tokiclover_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 11:32:04 +0100


Here comes a new[1] stable release with fixes of v0.14.x.

It was hard to make udev and LVM(2) play nicely because:
- LVM would always stall waiting for devices to be processed by udev;
- and udev is unreliable when it comes to timeout when handling devices;
  so using udevadm(8) to wait udev to be ready is simply a joke. It's only
  a question workarounds... I did many of them. I am really tired of
  these $*#! and I will leave them if upstream break them... again.

I was busy and could not stabilize a few things in time a few months ago
when I tried to. There were a few bugs here and there; and udev+LVM is
just too much for rootfs. I should have spent tons and tons of time got
something working.

Finaly, there is something workable with udev+LVM for rootfs.

I am working on new release with an complete init-system and service
manager. I am basically working on a init(8) with new superivision apps.

Stay tuned for the new major version.

[0]: https://gitlab.com/tokiclover/supervision
[1]: https://gitlab.com/tokiclover/supervision/tags
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