Re: Is s6/s6-rc ready to be the ubiquitous init?

From: Laurent Bercot <>
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2019 09:31:29 +0000

>1) Where can I find the s6/s6-rc project's preferred directories for
> everything?

If there is *one thing* you should know about s6, and that you should
convey to your readers, it is that *it does not provide, or care about,
policy*. I thought it would be abundantly clear by now.

That means there are *no* preferred directories. People can do
whatever they want. Yeah, this is a hard concept to grasp in the era
of systemd, but the Overton window needs a big fat shift towards
flexibility and user choice.

Of course, there are smarter choices than others. I have expressed
and explained my own preferences several times, both in parts of the
s6 and s6-rc documentation, and on this mailing-list when the subject
came up. You can find them in the archives. But these are my
preferences and recommendations, not official policies. Official
policies should be done in the context of a _distribution_.

> I'd prefer not to put anything directly off the root
> directory: Too many people would object.

Boy, if your audience is going to clutch their pearls at the mention
of adding something to the root directory, just wait until they hear
about how to write init scripts. :P

Again, directories can be put *wherever*, and you don't have to
create anything in the root directory. But approaching this with
the angle of "I won't say anything radical to avoid scaring my
audience" is the wrong mindset. You will never convince people
who are far enough gone to believe that nothing should ever be
created in the root directory despite having accepted /media without
questioning because it came from a Standardâ„¢.

>2) Does there exist a block diagram of either s6, s6-rc, or both
> combined, and if so, where?

  Well, dear, that's one of the things that are missing and that
you're going to provide, isn't it?

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