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From: eric vidal <eric_at_obarun.org>
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 08:50:13 +1100

Hi there,

I'm really happy to announce you the new fresh release (v0.1.0.0) of the 66-suite tools. This suite of tools written in C aims to offer a easy way to integrate init system and provide interface around the s6 and s6-rc software. These tools can used on any linux system (BSD was not tested yet).Some tools are wrapper around the s6/s6-rc software, some other are original one.

You can find the code source of the 66 tools here : https://framagit.org/Obarun/66.

It was designed to simplify and to unify services configuration files for a sysadmin and provide an easy way to user to manipulate and deal with services.
These tools comes with a concept of tree (see http://web.obarun.org/software/66-tree.html). A tree is a set of any kind of services (pure s6 service or s6-rc service). The main advantage is the ability to separate a set of service (e.g. boot time service and running time service) from another which can be started/stopped in one command line or enabled/disabled at boot time procedure.
A frontend service file (http://web.obarun.org/software/frontend.html) is also provided with a format of INI with a specific syntax on the key field. This frontend allow to declare any kind of service and it really easy to write and understand. You can find a prototype of the frontend here https://web.obarun.org/software/frontend.html#proto.

The main features are of the 66 tools are:
        - Frontend service file.
        - Creation and manipulation of a scandir with one command line (see 66-scandir tool).
        - Instance service file.
        - Multiple service file declaration (packager,sysadmin,user directories) with precedence.
        - Easy change and handles environment configuration file for a service (e.g /etc/66/conf).
        - Automatic creation and highly configurable logger for a service.
        - Supports of nested supervision tree. Any valid user on the system can create a scandir and deal with it own services.
        - Automatic resolution of service dependencies chain for any command procedure e.g start/stop/enable/disable.
        - Unsupervision of a complete set of service with one command line (see 66-tree tool).
        - Quick view of the entire service system (see 66-info tool)
        - Easy view of dependencies for a specific service (see 66-info tool). Can be reversed too.
        - ...
These tools can be configured at the compilation time to suits your needs (see https://framagit.org/Obarun/66/blob/master/configure file).

A complete set of service to properly boot a machine can be found here https://framagit.org/obarun-pkgbuild/boot-66serv and works out of the box. This set of service is easily hackable and can be adapted on any linux system. This set of service provide e.g a 66.conf file which allow user to easily configure their system at boot time. (https://framagit.org/obarun-pkgbuild/boot-66serv/blob/master/66.conf).Also, it separate the boot procedure from the running time procedure, a secure way to avoid destroying a boot procedure.

These tools are officially used on the Obarun system (web.obarun.org), an Arch linux based system totally free of systemd. Obarun use s6/s6-rc ecosystem from two years now.

If you want to test the 66 tools, you can find two kind of ISO containing these tools here :
        - minimal (no X server): https://repo.obarun.org/iso/2019-04/Obarun_x86_64-2019-04.iso
        - desktop builded around JWM: https://repo.obarun.org/iso/2019-04-JWM/Obarun-JWM_x86_64-2019-04.iso
        - download page: https://web.obarun.org/index.php?id=74

Hope you will find these programs usefull. If you have any questions you can contact me by email at eric_at_obarun.org
eric vidal <eric_at_obarun.org>
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