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From: Jeff <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2019 18:29:58 +0200

26.04.2019, 11:44, "Laurent Bercot" <>:
> You need to have execline installed to run s6 anyway.

true. but adding the required code to s6-svscan as
daemontools-encore did would obsolete execline at least for
this purpose entirely (which is a good thing IMO).
it should not be to much of an effort to add this functionality
to s6-svscan (and perp(d) for that).

> Yes, from what I can see in the code, it works when the logdir is
> in the scandir, and it seems to be the intended use. But it also
> *appears to work* when the logdir is not in the scandir, and that
> is not good.

definitely true. but this is non intended use, so don't do it,
it was not recommended in the docs in any way.
(btw: this could be clarified in the doco)
still a pretty artificial consideration.

> We're talking pid 1 here.

not in the case of daemontools-encore which you were referring to.

> It needs to be *airtight*.

indeed, especially excluding any read-write fs access requirements.

> Running a supervision tree requires a rw fs anyway, so that's not a
> problem at all.

yes true, but IMO process #1 should not require read-write access
to any fs for proper operation. for subprocesses this is not a problem,
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