Re: catch-all logger service

From: Jeff <>
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2019 21:23:04 +0200

26.04.2019, 20:51, "Laurent Bercot" <>:
> You need to be able to take "no" for an answer.

i can do that.
and that will be probably the answer i will get from perp's author
aswell (dunno if he reads this list).

it is just important for me to know if this functionality will be added
or not since i have my own runit-init style process #1 implementation
in the makings and do not want to change it when such features
are added to s6-svscan and perpd.

no i know for sure that my code has to do the pipe(2) call and
has to supervise the logging process aswell
(which is a bit more code and one more child process to supervise).

but one could also use runit's "runsv" here which in turn supervises
both: s6-svscan/perpd and the logger.
(same with perp's "rundeux", that fits even better here since it does
not need any service dirs by itself)

but that is a bit awkward since that can be done easily by process #1
itself and hence just adds an additional level of indirection where
it is not really useful/necessary.

and here is another advantage of the daemontools-encore approach:
when given the special logging service option svscan knows it can
run very verbose since it has an associated logger.
(i think daemontools-encore's svscan already operates this way)

this is also important in the case of perpd since its default operation
style is pretty verbose and thus needs a logger.
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