Re: what init systems do you use ?

From: Guillermo <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 15:45:11 -0300

El jue., 2 may. 2019 a las 21:53, Jeff escribió:
> what init systems do this list's subscribers use ?

I have a Gentoo setup with no initramfs and one of the stable desktop
profiles (in the 'eselect profile' sense, which means GNU libc with
dynamic linking), that allows me to boot with an assortment of init
systems using the GRUB2 menu:

* sysvinit + OpenRC, using agetty from util-linux, to get a fully
functional system with one of the distribution's officially supported
* runit + OpenRC, again using agetty from util-linux, to get a
somewhat restricted system for experimentation. Gentoo packages runit,
and OpenRC gets used because it is invoked by the supplied
/etc/runit/{1,3} files. Notable drawback: OpenRC's service scripts in
the sysinit and boot runlevels may launch unsupervised daemons that
runit doesn't know about.
* s6 + s6-rc, with version 0.4.x.x s6-linux-init-style scripts, again
using agetty from util-linux, to get an even more restricted system
for experimentation. OpenRC is inactive in this case, since s6-rc is
the service manager.
* nosh, with agetty replaced by a combination of the package's tool,
to get the same restricted system as for s6 + s6-rc. OpenRC is also
inactive in this case, since nosh contains a service manager (in the documentation sense).

The "restricted system" scenarios would be less restricted, of course,
if I wrote, o grabbed and adapted from somewhere else, enough service
definitions for the selected init system, to match the sysvinit +
OpenRC configuration, but that means work of course.

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