Re: what init systems do you use ?

From: eric vidal <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2019 18:15:36 +1100

> > BTW:
> >
> > what init systems do this list's subscribers use ?
> > i use statically linked (musl) BusyBox init (and gettys)
> > + mksh ( + s6 + OpenRC
> > (v0.34.11, outdated) as default init system.
> > i also ran perp but now run everything to be supervised
> > under s6, started via a little setup shell script directly from
> > /etc/inittab (most "one time tasks" are indeed directly run
> > from the inittab file instead of a shell script).

I use (and share on the web) Archlinux based system under s6+s6-rc from almost 4 years.
So, complex system can be handled as bare metal system depending of the user needs.
At the start i did a complete set of service by hand + init scripts without the help of s6-linux-init but taking example from this one. Then i did some scripts (in bash) to handles enable/disable/stop/start process and add some features like an s6.conf file to manage some user operations at boot time.

The main advantage was to separate the services set of boot from running time which add a level of security mostly for kinda users. This set of service for the boot run out of the box and can be easily adapted for any linux system.

After a very few years of experience/use and reports from users, i decided to write a series of tools in C to properly handle a system with s6+s6-rc. This bring up with a lot of features like a frontend declaration file for a service (which handles all kind of service) the automatic creation of a logger, instance service declaration, supports of user supervision tree and so on...

I really like skarnet API. Generally speaking his API are good designed and written in low-level, flexible and stable as a rock. The system is very very fast and provide many features without the complexity and hard dependencies as other init system(follow my regards... :) ). For me s6 is the future and should be widely known.

It can take time to have a system booting onto it but this worth the pain.

Eric Vidal
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