Re: interesting claims

From: Jeff <>
Date: Sat, 18 May 2019 02:52:35 +0200

18.05.2019, 00:58, "Guillermo" <>:
>>  OpenRC: Nice,
>>    init
>>     |_ zsh
>>    when I exited the shell there was nothing but a dead cursor on my screen

in this case the shell is not signaled since "-1" does not signal the sending

> May I ask what was this setup like? You made a different entry for
> sysvinit, presumably with the customary getty processes configured in
> /etc/inittab 'respawn' entries, judging by your results, so how was
> the OpenRC case different?

i also wondered whether he used openrc-init here ?
in that case he may have also used openrc's "supervise-daemon" util
which do not get restarted after they were terminated by the kill -1 -9
blast and hence cannot respawn the gettys. looks like you were pretty
hosed when you quit the super-user zsh (which sent the kill blast via
its "kill" builtin) ?

you should provide more information on the used init here as openrc
is not an init per se and works well with sysv + busybox init, runit, ...

>>  sysV: init and 6 ttys with shell ... nothing can kill it that I know off.

what do you mean here ?
were the gettys respawned by SysV init or did they not die at all ?
where did you send the signal from ?
i would assume from a super-user zsh on a console tty ?
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