Re: Update on the progress of slew development

From: Casper Ti. Vector <>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2019 01:42:00 +0800

On Sun, Mar 17, 2019 at 09:25:32PM +0800, Casper Ti. Vector wrote:
> Since the first announcement [1] of slew [2], a few people expressed
> interest in the project, but I have received little feedback regarding
> its technical contents. Therefore although I have successfully deployed
> slew on a few real-life systems, it is still quite a slowly moving
> personal hobby project. However, there are a few changes which I think
> might be interesting to some people here, which is briefly summarised in
> this mail, 5 days before the project's one-year anniversary.

To facilitate distro packaging, I changed the slew repository structure,
so that all files specific to a package are put in the corresponding
subdirectory, eg. (with whitespace squeezed in the output):
> % ls pkg/wpa_supplicant/*
> pkg/wpa_supplicant/base: wpacli. wpasup.
> pkg/wpa_supplicant/lib: prep
> pkg/wpa_supplicant/misc: wpa_cli.rc
> % ls pkg/dhcpcd/*
> pkg/dhcpcd/base: dhcpcd.
> pkg/dhcpcd/lib: fn
Please see the updated manual for details:

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