svlogd: timeout counts from start of svlogd, not file birth

From: Martin Castillo <>
Date: Fri Nov 15 11:26:54 2019


I noticed that my log/qmail-smtpd/current was more than a week old, even
though the config file reads:


I looked into the code and saw, that the timeout starts when svlogd
starts (actually: when it opens the logdir), not from the
'current'-files birth.

Since my desktop almost never runs for a full week, this timeout is
never reached and file rotation only happens, when the size limit is
reached, which takes a long time on my machine.

Are you aware of this? I didn't expect this and would like svlogd to
start the timeout from the files birth date, if the filesystem provides
this info.

If you disagree, I'd like the man page to specifically note this edgecase.

Martin Castillo
GPG: 7FDE 7190 2F73 2C50 236E  403D CC13 48F1 E644 08EC

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