Re: svlogd log rotation

From: Martin Castillo <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 21:15:27 2019


On 12.12.19 15:25, Raghu wrote:
> I have redirected the svlogd log file my custom name instead of current in
> my run script as below.
> touch /testlogs/logs/Y5Consolelog.txt.0
> exec svlogd -tt /testlogs/logs/ Y5Consolelog.txt.0

I have never heard of this feature and couldn't find anything on the
manpage. Running these 2 commands gets me
$ svlogd -tt "$(realpath log)"/ mylog.0
svlogd: warning: unable to open log directory: mylog.0: file does not exist

and the current file is still called 'current'.
I have artix' linux runit 2.1.2-15 and svlogd version

What version are you running?

> And my config file as below:
> s10000
> n2
> I do see the log file getting updated but it not getting rotated when the
> size limit is reached. I don't see the old log file with timestamp appended
> to it after rotation which would actually happen to a current file.
> Can you please let me know if I'm missing anything?
> Thank you.

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