Re: The "Unix Philosophy 2020" document

From: Oliver Schad <>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2019 21:32:49 +0100

On Sun, 29 Dec 2019 18:07:39 +0200
Alex Suykov <> wrote:

> Er, that whole quoted part, including the last sentence, is about
> using cgroups to supervise processes. Not about the use of cgroups in
> general. I can't think of any other use cases where cgroup
> supervision would be useful, other than for double-forking daemons.


> Also, wrt process supervision, calling it a side effect is bit
> misleading. The interfaces are not really made for that kind of use
> at all. Strictly speaking, anything doing kill `cat .../cgroup.procs`
> is racy and unreliable. Including that runcg tool that I wrote. In
> practice, the race is pretty much irrelevant, but it's still there,
> inherent to the interfaces.

Yes, that is true - but the freezing cgroup can handle that race. As I
already mentioned it has corner cases, where a freezed process can't be
killed. As far as I read with cgroup v2 this corner case is gone.

This whole thing itself (double forking) is a corner case and you should
somewhen(!) give an easy interface to catch that case in a supervision
toolbox(!) IMHO. You can think of providing that for marketing purposes

However supporting system specific stuff like cgroups is useful (and
not just a marketing gag to compete against systemd) and you should
support that in a system specific toolbox as part of the supervision
suite (read as it is referenced as optional dependency or directly

I don't see a reason to implement such stuff inside of a supervision
daemon itself - a system specific toolbox is the right place for that.

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