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From: fungal-net <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2020 20:25:12 +0200

Casper Ti. Vector:
> On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 11:37:19PM +0800, Casper Ti. Vector wrote:
>> Now I know the reason. "Your account is too young. Please wait
>> at least 5 days to begin posting." --- /u/AutoModerator
> Another try:
> <>.
> Given the result, it seems that attempts at posting to r/linux would be
> futile anyway; however, someone did this:
> <>.

I wouldn't mind reposting this for you if you had asked me yesterday, or
about 18 hours ago, as I have an older decorated account. As soon as I
post there I have bots voting me down within seconds, inconceivable for
some to have read and voted based on content THAT fast.
But this time I tried to alert Arch users of the nearly silent
conversion of compression algorithms on arch packaging from xz (43 year
old code) to facebook's zstd (at best 3 years but really testing begins
with arch users).

Not only was the post removed and I was cursed (but no rational
arguments against what I was "reporting") when I complained later for
the unjustified removal of the post by the time I woke up this morning I
was banned, couldn't even respond to all the derogatory comments.
My funny post of wishing everyone a happy 2020 was this:

The data for comparing xz to zstd is published here, by an arch person
proposing and supporting the change.

You tell me if you would have decided the same as a logical person, but
one who pays for disk space and server bandwidth out of your pocket, not
having university mirrors around the world paying for your facebook

You pay the tab for facebook's testing of their future closed code
gadget/system doing mass storage/retrieval work, for who knows who!

If you are an arch user guinea pig you have been warned now, post
removed, reporter permanently silenced.

Sorry, I can not be of help at this time.

My original post is here:
For the first time in 2.5yrs of blogging anti-systemd propaganda ONE
article has 10 time more visits in less than 24hrs than the whole blog
(nearly 300 articles) has for a whole day. So someone is interested.

PS By the way, one of the searches run to find the blog today was
"devuan s6". Wordpress stats report search engine terms of hitting the

PS2 If you hear I died in a car crash, don't believe it, I have no car!
I cycle everywhere for safety :) and the environment.
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