Re: runit SIGPWR support

From: Jeff <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2020 15:39:38 +0100

14.02.2020, 13:29, "innerspacepilot" <>:
> I would suggest it should be a graceful shutdown ( stopping all daemons,
> syncing filesystems and stuff )

yes, of course, this should preceed the powerdown step.

a more "correct" solution would be the approach taken by SysV init
via the "powerfail" stanza for the "real" process #1 (not those running
in containers/other process namespaces). it starts a subprocess to
handle the situation, i. e. see if power returns and shutdown ASAP
if not.

there is no excuse for a Linux process #1 to ignore SIGPWR anyway
since that signal is sent by the kernel in powerfail situations
(Linux and System V unices), it also makes sense to abuse it to
shutdown a container, so i cannot understand why runit just ignores it.
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