[request for review] Port of s6 documentation to mdoc(7)

From: Alexis <flexibeast_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2020 18:30:16 +1000

Hi all,

i recently started using 66 instead of runit on Void - thanks to
_at_Obarun, @mobinmob and @teldra for their work and help!

Consequently, and further to

> if people like man pages, they should have man pages, so it's
> been a
> few years that I have appealed to the community for this ... I
> want
> s6 to be accessible, but I figure that if people really wanted
> man
> pages, they'd write man pages

i've spent the last couple of weeks porting the s6 documentation
to mdoc(7) format:


since i really want man pages, and much prefer them to HTML for
system-level software. :-)

i don't consider the current state of the repo to be 'ready' in a
general sense, but i do feel it's mostly done, and certainly
amenable to review. i think this might be a good time to give
myself a short break from working on it, so i can then come back
and do a review pass with fresher eyes.

The porting has been done manually, with no automation involved;
this has allowed me to use semantic markup as much as possible,
which of course also facilitates searching for content with

Several things to note:

* i've changed page layouts to fit mdoc(7) conventions.

* During the porting process, i developed ideas about what might
  be the best way to do things, so documentation ported earlier
  might not follow the same style as the documentation ported more
  recently. This is something i hope to check in my review pass.

* There are currently no cross-references to the execline suite or
  skalibs. However, i'm willing to port that documentation as
  well, together with the s6-rc documentation.

* Inline links to things such as djb's software are not yet
  included. The `Lk` macro allows one to supply link text as well
  as the URL, but the resulting output would require changes to
  the text to make it read satisfactorily. Regardless, i can add
  the relevant links in "SEE ALSO" sections.

* i've corrected a number of typos and grammatical issues, and
  discovered what i believe might be couple of errors:

  * s6-softlimit: The "Options" section refers to "-r allmem"
  rather than "-r res".

  * s6-ftrig-listen: The "Options" section says: "By default,
  s6-ftrig-listen1 waits indefinitely for a matching series of
  events." Given the context, i presume this should be

That said, although i've tried to be careful, i might have
introduced new errors, or made mistakes in my choice of macros, so
proofreading would be appreciated. :-)

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