Re: [request for review] Port of s6 documentation to mdoc(7)

From: Casper Ti. Vector <>
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2020 19:28:25 +0800

On Tue, Sep 01, 2020 at 10:11:14AM +0000, Laurent Bercot wrote:
> I'm totally willing to use a HTML schema we can negotiate, to write
> future documentation in. What I don't want to do is:
> - Touch existing documentation, unless I have to rewrite the content of
> a page for some reason. Of course, if the conversion work is done by
> somebody else, I have no objection to upstreaming the new documents.

Of course it will be done by someone else :)

> - Add heavy dependencies to the Makefiles.

Alternatively, if you find it acceptable, we can have an independent
project that hosts the code transformers. What you need to care about
then is writing in the specified schema and merging documentation
patches (in case of schema violation). The first patches will be fairly
large for obvious reasons, but I can separate them into relatively
easily-to-verify (small or generated by sed-like automation)
transformation passes, in the style of [1].

[1] <>
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